Release: Using the Death Beads – First-and-a-Half Edition

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A prayer chain made with wire-bent links -- four courses of five turquoise-colored skull-shaped beads each -- and a single metallic head-bead, larger than any of the beads in the four courses, but also shaped like a skull.
The First-and-a-Half Edition of Using the Death Beads is not about any change in content from the First Edition – but rather, about improved formatting of the e-book itself.
When I released the First Edition of Using the Death Beads very recently, I made some mistakes in formatting due to lack of experience. As a result, the result was a not-so-well-formatted ebook. Granted, it is unlikely that I could realistically expect myself to produce a book with a professional level of formatting quality – but I felt that I could probably produce something of better format than what was released initially in the First Edition.

Therefore, I decided to fix the formatting. That meant coming out with a new edition. But since content-wise, this new edition would be identical (aside from this extra section explaining what I mean by “First-and-a-Half Edition”) it would seem excessive to dub this the “Second Edition”.

Therefore, I am reserving the title of “Second Edition” for when I am ready to release a new edition by reason of improvement in content – and labeling this edition, released solely for the purpose of formatting, the “First-and-a-Half Edition”.

In short – it’s kinda like a Take Two of the First Edition.

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