Changes in Sophia’s Virtual Stoa

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A colonade (i.e. "Stoa") is seen, with the flame representing the Logos burning behind it. This image is site-news on this blog (
In order to diversify the subject-areas covered by this blog without clogging your feed with unwanted, irrelevant stuff – this blog will undergo a few structural changes.
Stoic philosophy has thus far been the subject of this blog – just as it has been the source of strength that this blog’s author has drawn upon to get through several challenges in life. Sophia’s Virtual Stoa is, therefore, to remain faithful to it’s Stoic roots.

That said, there is much more to write about on this blog than just the philosophy that drives it. While some might welcome the increased diversity in the subjects that are covered in this blog – there may be others who would prefer that their feed from this blog just stick to articles about the philosophy itself.

As author of this blog – I am committed to accommodating both preferences. For that reason, this diversification of topics is to be accompanied by structural changes in the site.

On the side-bar of the web-site (or near the bottom of the page for some mobile and narrow-screen browsers) there is a section labeled Subscription Option #1: RSS. This section allows someone to subscribe to this blog by entering the URL of an RSS feed into their feed aggregator of choice. Previously, the only feed it linked to was the RSS for all blog articles. Now, however, that section has been changed to link to also provide links to feeds that are specific to the different subject-areas of the site.

And, near the top of the page, you will see that the tag-line has been changed to “A Web-Site Grounded in Stoic Philosophy”. This new tagline reflects the fact that this blog may now cover subject-areas other than Stoic philosophy itself — but still will always approach every subject that it covers with a mindset and approach that is consistent with, and formed by the Stoic philosophy.

Also – a site-menu (in the form of a set of prominent links) has been added to aid in the navigation between this site’s different departments. On the desktop site, it is near the top of the page.

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